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Public Library (contents & extracts ) :

"The Path of the Pole" by Charles Hapgood

Foreword by Dr. F.N. Earll

Forewords to the First Edition by Kirtley F. Mather and Albert Einstein

Author's Note



Chapter 1

Geomagnetism, Continental Drift and Polar Wandering

Chapter 2

The Failure to Explain the Ice Ages

Chapter 3

The Failure to Explain Climatic Change

Chapter 4

Evidence for the North Pole in Hudson Bay

Chapter 5

The Violent Life of the Last Great Ice Sheet

Chapter 6

The Sudden Melting of the Ice Sheet

Chapter 7

Evidence for the North Pole in the Greenland Sea
Part I : The Radiocarbon Evidence
Part II : The Evidence from Deep-Sea Cores

Chapter 8

Polar Change in the Remoter Past

Chapter 9

The Shaping of  Earth's Surface Features
Part I : Mountains and Great Rifts
Part II : Volcanism and Other Questions

Chapter 10

The Extinction of the Mammoths and the Mastodons

Chapter 11

The Evidence of Violent Extinction in South America

Chapter 12

Some problems of Evolution


Summary and Suggestions for Research


1.    Preface to the French Edition of Earth's Shifting Crust
2.    Letters from Einstein and Sarton
3.    Campbell's Mechanics of Litosphere Displacement
4.    Mechanics of Centrifugal Effect
5.    Discussion of Isostasy
6.    Stabilizing Effect of the Equatorial Bulge
7.    Tectonic Adjustments at End of Ice Age



Index of  Names

Index of  Subjects