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Public Library (contents & extracts ) :

"The Dawn of Astronomy" by Norman Lockyer


Chapter I  The worship of the Sun and the dawn

Chapter II  The first glimpses of egyptian astronomy

Chapter III  The astronomical basis of the egyptian pantheon 

 Chapter IV  The two horizons 

 Chapter V   The yearly path of the Sun-god  

 Chapter VI   The probable Hor-Shesu worship 

 Chapter VII   Methods of determining the orientation of temples 

 Chapter VIII   The earliest solar shrines in Egypt 

 Chapter IX   Other similar shrines elsewhere 

 Chapter X   The solar temple of Amen-Ra at Karnak 

 Chapter XI   The age of the temple of Amen-Ra at Karnak 

 Chapter XII   The stars-their rising and settings 

Chapter XIII   The Egyptian heavens --- the zodiacs of Denderah

Chapter XIV   The circumpolar constellations : the myth of Horus 

Chapter XV   Temples directed to the stars 

Chapter XVI   Further inquiries with regard to the stellar temples 

Chapter XVII   The building inscriptions 

Chapter XVIII   The star-temples at Karnak 

Chapter XIX   The personification of stars --- the temple of Isis at Denderah     

Chapter XX    The personification of stars (continued) --- the temple of Hathor at Denderah 

Chapter XXI   Star-cults 

Chapter XXII  Star-cults (continued) --- Amen-t and Khons 

Chapter XXIII   The egyptian year and the Nile 

Chapter XXIV   The years of 360 and 365 days 

Chapter XXV   The vague and the sirian years 

Chapter XXVI   The Sothic cycle and the use made of it 

Chapter XXVII   The calendar and its revision 

Chapter XXVIII   The fixed year and festival calendars

Chapter XXIX   The mythology of Isis and Osiris 

Chapter XXX   The temple-stars 

Chapter XXXI   The history of Sun-worship at Annu and Thebes 

Chapter XXXII   The early temple ahd great pyramid builders 

Chapter XXXIII   The cult of northern as opposed to southernstars 

Chapter XXXIV   The origin of egyptian astronomy --- the northern schools 

Chapter XXXV   The origin of egyptian astronomy (continued) --- the Thebes school 

Chapter XXXVI   General conclusions as to the North and South races 

Chapter XXXVII   The egyptian and babylonian ecliptic constellations 

Chapter XXXVIII   The influence of Egypt upon temple-orientation in Greece